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A true horror story
It's been 7 years. Still no wifi.
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 2
Mature content
top nine anime charaters that i hate :iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 7
Merformers Megatron X human reader
(Hi everyone I'm not dead! Yay! I want to apologize, I was on quotve a lot and I forgot that I had a DA account. And I want to make it up by righting this story, since there's not a whole lot of them out there I figured why not and I have been obsessed with this as of late. So without feather due on with the story. pic that you see up there, I DO NOT own it  I found it on google, oh and Megatron is human sized in this story)
No one's Pov
(Y/n) has always lived by the ocean, she loved it, everything about the sea had intrigued her.
She had always wanted to study the ocean and fallow in her father's foot steps, he worked for a large company that's main objective was to study the ocean.
(Y/n) was an only child and she was motherless, her mother had died from a tumor in her brain a few months after she was born.
Before she died she asked (F/n) (father's name) to watch over her and raise her to be a smart and beautiful child, and he had kept that promise to this very day.
(Y/n) was now
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 50 4
if i was in AVP (not completed)
My pov
It was like every average day hot and sunny and I haven't been outside in a few days so I got dressed and walked to the door.
"Hay mom I'm going out I'll be back" I said, opening the front door "alright sweety don't be gone for to long" my mom said from her room. I walked out the door the feel the warm air touch my skin and it was only ten in the morning.
As I was walking I looked up and the sky the sun was high and not a cloud in sight I look back to the road when I saw something limping in the street. It looked like predator from alien VS. Predator and green liquid was flowing down it's right leg.
I quickly ran over to the wounded hunter but he growled at me and the two blades on him right arm came out and he pointed them at me. I then knew that he was not a person in a costume this was the real deal "Listen I don't want any trouble I just want to help you alright?"
I said, slowly as I put my hands in the air  he glared at me and seemed to calm down a bit but his blades w
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 0
Mature content
if i was in a horror film (jason voorhees) :iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 0
I REX X half raptor reader
(Hay guys I was thinking that this might be a cool idea, and just to clarify reader-chan's Dad didn't get it on with a raptor nor did a raptor woohoo with reader-chan's Mom. Reader-chan is an experiment half human half raptor in-gen abducted reader-chan when she was born and killed her parents then they mixed her DNA with some raptor DNA turning her into a half human half raptor. Now that that's explained let us begin! Oh and I was to lazy to make up a name for your creator so your creator's name is (guy name you hate most) or (g/n/y/h/m) now on with the story!)
(Y/n)'s pov
I hate in-gen, I hate them so much they turned me into a freak, a monster. I look down at my hand staring at my claw-like-fingers my nails were long and sharp I could cut almost anything with these. I growled and graped a handheld mirror that was sitting on my table in my room, my room is small and it felt like a cage making me feel like more of a freakish monster then I already was. I looked into the mirror, my (f/
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 15 1
Who am I? What type of person was i? I don't know who I am.
But I know that the real me is hidden deep down I side and she is scared she wants to be free.
She wants to go home, she wants to see her family, her friends she is calling out to me she wants me to brake her free.
But I can't I try everyday and I weeken the walls that separate me from her I want her to be free  she knows who I am, she knows who I was and I'm not doing this for me I'm doing this for her.
She knows everything when I was born, what I like, what I was like, my friends, my family I owe her so much and it's time that I brake her free.
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 0
chemist shine by AnnabellasirenWaters chemist shine :iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 4
Maw1227 X armin the sequle
Maw's pov
Today is the day the day i'm going to marry Armin it has been years since we confessed our love for each other. And he proposed 7 months ago a month after Levi and Carlee got married (haters gonna hate!!!!! My story my rules) and Carlee is even 6 months pregnant!!!
(I couldn't help my self I always wanted to be a mother) me and Carlee were currently in the dressing room she was helping me get my dress on.
(here is your dress my friend :) : ) " I can't believe that your getting married already maw........ I'm so happy for you"
Carlee said, as she zipped up the back of my dress "I know I can't believe it either, but I know that we'll be happy together and since the titan's have been terminated we'll all live happy lives." I said, smiling Carlee then began to brush my hair and then put it in a high bun. " I'm happy that the titan's are gone me and Levi can raze our child in a titan free world"
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 1 3
Zira the slayer by AnnabellasirenWaters Zira the slayer :iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 2 3
The horror film saga
My pov
I sighed as I plopped down on my bed grabbing my tablet and turning it on "what should I do for horror October" I said to my self out loud I looked over to my right and notiest a rather strange box sitting in my room it was a small black box with a hook latch. Growing curious I grabed the box then opened the latch then it all went to black
(P.S the image is not mine I found it off of google)
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 1 0
horror story #1
This is a story about a girl named jess, jess was your average girl she liked to work hard and hang out with her friends. One day she was staying late after school to finish up a term Protect that was due the next day but she then felt like something was 'off' she then started to think about the legend that surrounds her school. A young girl was gruesomely murdered in the school over three years ago and her body was never found some say that the girl haunts the school hoping that someone would find her body so that she could pass on and finally rest in peace. Then jess started to here whispering 'come and find me' the whispers spoke jess being curious then got up and spoke " hello? Is....anyone there?" Jess said, looking around the empty classroom. She then heard the whispers again 'come and find me....find me' this time the whispers seemed to sound like a child's voice.
Jess was now getting annoyed she grabbed a flashlight that was on her teacher's desk and left the classroom and walk
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 0
halloween pic #1 by AnnabellasirenWaters halloween pic #1 :iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 0 cutest couple ever!!!!!!! by AnnabellasirenWaters cutest couple ever!!!!!!! :iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 2 11
the light
The light, the light that we live in is so happy
Like the warm morning sun on our faces
and makes us who we are.
If we lost this light we would lose ourselves
in hate and sorrow
Like the darkest of days
as we swim in the sea of darkness and turn on ourselves like vicious animals
and kill our own like mad animals.
We are like moths to flame
and we are rats in some sick experiment and some day one of us will
stand up like a spark of hope
and others will do the same
and will wake up from this nightmare and be reborn and our light will disappear like a flame going out
For we have evolved and are now warriors
fighting for our rights
and be our light of hope leading us threw the sadness.   
Our new light, our new hope will you be this light
or will you be a lab rat in this sick world, in this sick life.
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 0 3
raptor squad X child reader

(SPOILER WARNING!!!!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE THEN DON'T READ!!!!! And don't blame me for not giving you a spoiler warning there is no way that you can miss this if you do I will slam my face into the desk repeatedly until I don't remember who I am anymore...... Nah I love you guys I don't blame ya for missing the spoiler warning :D )
Note: in this story the a Idomeneus REX have never broke out and this is opening day and you are Owen's neace seeing that he isn't dating anyone (at leased to my knowledge I know that Claire and Owen hook up at the end again spoilers) and you get to come to the park for free seeing that your uncle Owen is a raptor trainer I have no clue if he has siblings or not.... Well now he does anyways you get a VIP pass from Claire but you call her aunt Claire seeing that Owen used to date her (spoilers!!!!) And there aren't a whole lot of these and I have been a bit lacking activity so I thought why not!!!! Anyways withou
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 180 53


The Avengers X Reader: Late Night Party (O-S!)
Avengers X Reader: Late Night Party (One-Shot!)
The following Fan-Fiction contains spoilers from Avengers: Age of Ultron read no further if you do not wish to wish to see any spoilers. Read no further if you want to end up in a corner sulking because of fangirling to hard. But for those who do wish to read this fic, please enjoy.
The Avengers Tower
    The Avengers as well as you, Agent Hill and Rhodey were sitting down in the living room drinking, chatting and having a fun time. You were sitting in a chair next to Thor, Thor picked up his hammer that was sitting beside your chair and put it on the table.
    You looked at Thor curiously; you both had been friends for quite a long time. However you had known The Avengers for even longer. You had grown up with Tony as a child; you had grown up with Natasha as a teenager. Now, you were a trusted friend of The Avengers.
    “Let’s see if you
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 57 4
Avengers x Reader|Birthday Girl
You walked to Fury's office, Going to ask if you could take a day off. Believe it or not, Today was your birthday; And since you worked for Shield, You had no time for birthdays, But today, You wanted to treat yourself to something. You knocked on the door, As a low grumpy 'Come in' came from inside the room. You opened the door, Smiling softly.
"Hey Fury, I just came to ask you if I could take today off."
"And why would I do that agent (Name)?"
"Because you love me and you can?" You smiled innocently, And he glares at you.
"If you are not.. 'pregnant', in your time of month, Sick, Lost a limb or are in the edge of death.. You are not getting a day off"
You give him the puppy eyes.
"Pleaseeeee?" He sighs, Growling at you.
"Get the fuck out of my office agent (name)" You smile triumphantly.
"Thank You!" You walk out, your smile faltering every so slightly. You walked toward the main floor, Looking at Tony and the others.
"Fury gave me a day off.. Sorry guys"
"Why? We have a mission toda
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 56 3
~Me?~ Reptile x Reader Oneshot

    No ones safe in the Outworld, Kombat has begun. You recall the words Sub-Zero told you before he left, forever. Why he left? No one knows. You looked over at Sonya, sighing."What the hell's with you, sweetheart?" Sonya's vision crossed with yours, her tone icy. "Nothing." You spat, sharpening the sword til' the blade was dull no more. "Hey, hey. Don't be pointing that damned thing at me!" Sonya's arms rose defensively. "I'm not gonna hit you! The game hasn't even started yet..." You smirked, sticking the blade into the ground.
    "You say it like its a good thing, (Y/N)." First time she had ever called you by your proper name instead of 'Sweetheart' or 'Kid', you hated those stupid nicknames. "Wow, first time calling me by my nam-" You looked up and saw him. Oh, god. You thought, blushing profusely. "Hey, can I join you two?" Syzoth sat down on the bench next to you. Sonya groaned in aggravation and r
:iconswedishgirl98:SwedishGirl98 25 6
Italy XAbused!Reader An Abandoned Heart. Part1
Italy XAbused!Reader
An Abandoned Heart
You sat in the passengers’ seat excited. It had been quite sometime the two of you had gone out for a real date, and toady… he was being so nice to you. Maybe what he did to you the other night changed him?
“Excited?” He asked with a smile
“Yes! It’s been a long time sense we’ve gone out!”
He chuckled a bit. “Well you’re going to be extra excited when you see where it is that we are going.”
Soon a restaurant came into view. It was big, and it was fancy. And… It was Italian.
“Oh! I’ve heard so much about this place! Their food is amazing!”  
You pulled in and entered, the place was hopping! So many fancy looking people, now you wished you would have known so you would have worn something a bit nicer.
“Good evening. Do you have reservations?”
“Yes, for (Random last name)”
“Reservations!?” You asked excited a waiter came
:iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 116 5
[FT] Brokenhearted!Readerx Sting Eucliffe Ch10-END
So my dear Readers. We reached the final chapter for this story.
Thank you so much for your support and favorites. I never guessed that my story would be so popular. Thank you all for your help. And my special thanks goes to cytez-kaimee for beta reading of this part and a few others :) You really helped me alot and I thank you for your support.
But every good story has to be an end so.. here is the last chapter!
"Show me your guild symbol. I’m removing it. You are no longer a member of Sabertooth."
"I beg your pardon?"
With wide eyes you stared in shock at your boyfriend. "Y..You’re disbanding me.. from Sabertooth? Why?“ You asked, trying to remain calm. Your heart felt just as heavy as it was about to burst. Sting looked away.
"It's for your own good. You belong here." the White Dragon Slayer said sternly and held his arm out on which was his own guild symbol. You could just not see it now, because he wore a blazer over his waistcoat- which was
:iconsekata:Sekata 234 78
Scars to your beautiful |Levi x Chubby!Reader AU|
(WARNING: Talk about starving )
|| She just wants to be beautiful
She goes unnoticed, she knows no limits,
She craves attention, she praises an image,
She prays to be sculpted by the sculptor ||
“Be ready in two hours brat, we are going out” Levi nonchalantly commented as he was flipping through channels, not giving you a glance. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“You couldn’t have told me that with more time?” you whined as you put down the magazine. “It takes way much more than two hours for me to even look halfway decent” you mumbled, not noticing that Levi had heard you.
You walked into your room and headed straight to the closet to search for something that would help hide your stomach. You have always been overweight, but you had believed that you had grown to accept it. That was until you began working at a modeling agency.
You yourself were not a model, you were the person being the camera, not in front. Seeing all those skinny a
:iconsassy-but-classy:Sassy-but-Classy 124 18
Brooklyn Oneshot
You leaned on the balcony railing, and looked out across the town of Manhattan, out into the night. You watched as the stars twinkled on, one by one, and wondered when your shining star would arrive. Just as you were thinking this, a bright red face popped up in front of you from above and long white hair tumbled behind it.
"Boo!" it shouted.
You gasped and for a moment everything was confusion until you recognized the face.
"Brooklyn! Don't surprise me like that!" He only chuckled and climbed down from his upside-down position on the roof and onto the railing here he squatted  "Did I frighten you?"
"No!" you said turning defensively away. "You just startled me is all."
"Uh huh." he said as he stepped off the railing and onto the cement balcony. "So what's up?" he asked, turning you to face him again.
"Not much" you confessed as you took in his kind face and beautiful wings, which were folded up around him like a cape.
"Wanna go for a flight?" he asked.
Suddenly the door to y
:iconteentitanemily:TeenTitanEmily 76 23
Jazz Oneshot -Transformers-
"Get her out of here!" roared Optimus Prime as he flung Starscream into a building. "Now!"
"____!" Jazz shouted as he transformed into a Pontiac and opened the passenger door. "Get in, hurry!" You dived into the seat and shut the door as Jazz spun around and took off. You sat there petrified for a few moments, trying to comprehend that a Decepticon just almost crushed you.
"No worries, it'll be okay" Jazz assured you. "Why don't cha put on that seat belt there and just lay back for a bit kay?"
"Okay." You said as you clicked the seatbelt into place. You sat for awhile shivering, trying to get a hold of your nerves.
"Man you're cold" said Jazz turning up the heat.
"Sorry" you said meekly.
"It's fine"
You tried stifling a yawn and had difficulty keeping your eyes open.
"You can go to sleep if you want. It's going to be awhile." Said Jazz. You didn't need telling twice. You closed your eyes and was out.
Jazz watched over you as you slept. He cruised right by your house trying to decide wh
:iconteentitanemily:TeenTitanEmily 161 43
Knockout x Reader (Prime Verse)
You immediately stopped what you were doing once an all too familiar car horn honked. You huffed and turned to see a certain red muscle car in your drive way.
"Knockout, you can't keep coming here. What if the Autobots find you again?"
"Aww, c'mon, doll. Is that any way to greet me? I came all the way out here to see you."
You rolled your eyes in response.
"Yeah, to get your scratches buffed, I suppose."
"Hey, it's not my fault Breakdown isn't around anymore! Do you have any idea how hard it is to fix scratches without someone to help me get my back? I have to look good from all angles. Besides, you do a good job."
"Alright, fine. I'll buff your scratches." You paused, taking time to point a finger at him accusingly. "But if the Autobots find you here again, you're my getaway car. You are not leaving me to be interrogated again."
"It's a deal. Now, hurry up and fix these scratches for me. I got a race to be at tonight and I wanna look my best."
"What? So you can get scratched up again?
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 109 30
Starscream x Reader (Prime Verse)
Starscream was scared. This wasn't the first time he was scared, but it had been the first time he was worried about a human. Heh. Who would have thought he'd fall for a fleshie? _______ was sick.
He'd yelled for her earlier, telling her she'd 'slept way too long' and she needed to stop being so 'lazy.' What he didn't expect was for her to be sick. He hadn't even considered it. She'd been lazy before plenty of times and refused to get out of bed.
She lived near a huge energon mine in the mountain trails and knew where they could be found. She was a huge help to the Decepticon cause and over the time Starscream had kept her, she'd captured his spark. Bickering was heard often between the two.
If somebots didn't know any better, they may have thought the two hated each other. No, it was more than that. They had a genuine care for eachother even though it may not seem that way. She'd been there for him when Megatron had gotten his hands on him.
_____ held a deep hatred for Megatron. He wa
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 94 20
Mature content
Optimus Prime x Reader (Prime Verse) :iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 47 11
Mature content
15 Minutes in Heaven- GamzeexReader :iconkarkat-fuckin-vantas:KARKAT-FUCKIN-VANTAS 285 173
15 Minutes in Heaven- KarkatxReader
All right, gather round. It’s time to have some actual fucking fun at this party.” Dave said, considering it was his party after all, everyone did as instructed.
“We’re going to play seven minutes in fucking heaven. Only I’m extending it to fifteen, because the last time I played, I caught with my pants down, if you know what I mean.” Dave said, and everyone flinched, and groaned, not really needing that information. You have no idea why you were here. It wasn’t as if you were in any of their sessions.
“You’re triggering people, Dave!” Kankri complained.
“Shut up. You being a little trigger bitch makes me want to pull a fucking trigger on myself.” Karkat replied, not even looking at the guy. You sigh. Poor Kankri. Then again
:iconkarkat-fuckin-vantas:KARKAT-FUCKIN-VANTAS 492 189
Mature content
Abused Female Child Reader x The Vantas Family :iconanime4ever12345:Anime4ever12345 131 51
Equius x reader Swim party
A big fat NOPE……
You glared up at your friend, “really? REALLY?” they laughed and pulled the swimsuit from the bag; it was a dark blue bikini with a white symbol on the breast, that symbol being the Sagittarius sign. They held it out to you and smiled, “oh come on! It’s nice!” you instantly regretted telling (f/n) about your crush on a certain blue-blooded, robot building troll. They managed to push you into your bathroom while you were distracted by thoughts of how to hide a body.
When you came out of the bathroom, (f/n) came running towards you, they stopped and looked at you, disbelief on their face, “where were those?” they gestured to the swimming trunks you had on over the bottoms, “I always keep a swim suit in the bathroom…” they flipped you off with a glare and then walked to the door. You grabbed a towel and a white; partially see through shirt before running out to their car.
--le party—
You were
:iconbrambledei:brambledei 315 62
Puns: Equius X Reader
"That is abso-hoofly wonderful to hear (Name)!" Equius stated as he heard the good news from you.
"I know!...Wait...what was that second word, Equius?"(Name) looked at him, across from the kitchen, her eyes just staring.
"Absohoofly"He said so fast, that she could barely hear him. She raised an eyebrow, and tried to concentrate on what she was making. She had been making dinner for her matesprit, and telling her about her day, as he listened
"Uh...Just nevermind..."
Equius and (Name) laid on the human loveseat, when the rom-com, Karkat loaned them, ended.
She got up to retrieve the dvd, and put it back in the case. Equius sat alone, mainly because (Name) knew he would break the dvd or dvd player, if he dared to touch it.
"So Equius, did you like the movie?"
Equius started to sweat, like always."I felt as though, the low blood, has a strong taste in movie picking."
"It was great, especially at the end, when the Strong man helped the woman retrieve her hoofbeast back. I thi
:iconanimewhofan001:animewhofan001 239 63




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i'm almost 15 years old i love drawing, writing stories and looking and reading others art work and stories and high functioning autistic i got to spectrum acadamy and i do the best i can :D and haters can not hurt me i have been bullied before and i will not have it happen again and a BIG thank you for the supporters i love all of ya!


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